Nicole Beauchaine
- Student at Lesley - Guitar Painter - Stop-Motioner


Jessie Young -Lesley University 2013

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Interactive New Media

I just finished up a class entitled ‘Interactive New Media’ at Lesley University, in my first semester in Grad School.  Our teacher, (Jessie), has amazing dreadlocks and tattoos and actually made digital art appealing.  I like being able to make a mess when I’m creating art, but it’s become painfully obvious that some knowledge of digital art in media is necessary for success in the changing times; especially when one of my preferred mediums is stop motion animation.  In class I felt challenged immediately because I was so out of my element.  Our first assignment was in Adobe Photoshop which was embarrassingly my first time using it.  It was fun though! I was able to create an image that I actually liked instead of just something to hand in.  I was proud of it!  And I was especially thrilled to finally know how to overlap images. Next was Adobe Illustrator and I learned how to make an inphographic.  I never thought I’d be working with computer art in my career so I was pleased to learn how to make an aesthetically pleasing image that told a story.  There’s literally a billion things you can do with that; it’s going to help me in Grad School that’s for sure.  I’m glad I took this in the first semester because now I know where the computer lab is, and how to use the programs to make the rest of my projects look good.  I’m so happy to be done with my last project in Adobe Flash.  As an animator I knew I had to get used to using the computer for more than just editing.  I had fun doing it though, and watching it come to life is, of course, one of my reasons for creating art to begin with.  Class = Success!

The Healer Erykah Badu

I had to Kill the Lamb

I had to Kill the Lamb

Made some more Collage Cards  last night

My new ‘Tea Time’ guitar bookshelf

Watched James and the Giant Peach tonight and was insanely inspired.  I am so glad I grew up with Tim Burton movies.

Do What I Want.

Made a Rifle Creed Sketchbook from an old cereal box last night!

Finally done with the paper cut tonight!

Indian Elephant Guitar - my first international commission! 

Mirror Mirror drawing

Mirror Mirror drawing